Our Mission

Strength, Sustenance and Support
for People Living with HIV/AIDS.

The Momentum Project sustains health and fosters wellness by providing communal meals and supportive services to any person living with HIV/AIDS, their family members, and loved ones in New York City.

Momentum creates a caring environment in which hope can develop, the spirit is nurtured, and clients improve the quality of their lives.

To accomplish its mission, Momentum:

Makes its services accessible throughout the week to disenfranchised persons in their own communities;

Provides comprehensive support services, including:

Family-style meals and take-home pantry bags

Nutritional Counseling

Substance abuse intervention

Prevention education

Mental health counseling

Family services

Health and adherence education

Life skills training

Services for people over 50

Housing and entitlements advocacy

Pastoral counseling

Referrals to outside services and support groups

Advocates for the needs of the HIV positive population, creating greater visibility for its clients and the agency;

Works cooperatively with other community based organizations to assure quality care and to avoid duplication of services;

Involves volunteers in the delivery of services to maximize efficiency and build community support;

Provides technical assistance to other organizations and community groups.

The Momentum Project is here for our clients. With ongoing support and partnership we can continue to provide our services and resources – resources that are essential to the dignity, health and quality of life for the men, women and children of New York who are living with HIV/AIDS.